Lisa, American Tuna Company's tuna is THE best tuna. Not only do we enjoy it ourselves, we also give surprise packages of the tuna to our friends. Thanks so much, Anneke

I agree with J. Richmeier--I'm definitely ruined. No other commercially available tuna comes even close to the quality and value of Pacific Fleet. From a pure taste perspective, I've tried any number of other tuna brands, largely because I moved from Northen California where I could reliably find Pacific Fleet to North Carolina. None have come even remotely close to the flavor I'd grown so used to with your tuna. I now order it and consider myself lucky to still be able to get it. From a value perspective, one can of Pacific Fleet will easily prepare the equivalent of 2 cans of any other variety that I've tried to date, and I don't EVEN want to begin to list them. I share a can with friends now and then and let them know that they can order it from you. I only hope that they consider themselves as privileged and spoiled as I do. Excellence in anything is something to reverence, and a good can of tuna is available any day from Pacific Fleet. Thank you so much.
S. Cooley
Durham, North Carolina

Your Tuna,
I just received my free sample of your hand caught tuna and I have to say WOW!. I am 44 years old and have been eating tuna since the That was the BEST tasting tuna I have EVER eaten! I have tried MANY different brands over the years. I found yours by watching a program on tv and ordered it right away! Like I said I am a BIG tuna lover, and if I could afford it I would eat your tuna exclusively!!
Just wanted to let you know you have a NEW FAN!! My Daughter shares my love of tuna too. She said OMG after She tasted it!. I will buy as much as I can afford, and have it shipped all-the-way to Indiana!!
Thanks Sooo Much, and Keep Up the GREAT WORK!!!
M. Goeringer

Just wanted to tell you what a great product you have.
You’ve ruined me; I can’t eat tuna salad anymore. After I tasted yours, I realized I’d been eating tuna salad to cover up the taste of the tuna. The major name brands require a lot of mayonnaise to make their tuna moist enough to even swallow and plenty of eggs, pickles, celery and onions to actually give the tuna some flavor. If I have to do all of that, why was I bothering to add the tuna at all? Now when I open a can of yours, it never seems to make it beyond the end of my fork and directly into my mouth! I was a little concerned that I might have quite an adjustment to unsalted tuna with yours, but there wasn’t any. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it has a mildly briny taste from the ocean, rather than the severely over salted taste I had become accustomed too. I’ve been on a search for decent tasting, decent looking tuna for a while. I noticed starting probably 10 years ago that the quality and especially the look of canned tuna had gone downhill. It’s just not appetizing when you open a can of name brand tuna and it looks like something that’s been tromped on by the cannery staff and then swept up off the floor! Thanks for making tuna taste the way it used to again. I’m placing my order for another case.
Thank you,
J. Richmeier

Hi guys,
I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your tuna! I was at a local market in their back office where a can of Pacific Fleet was sitting on the manager's desk. When I asked about it, he tossed it to me, saying that someone had brought it to him to convince him to stock it. "Have it," he said. "We're not carrying it." That was a few months ago. I just prepared it last week and WOW am I a fan! I'm going back to that market and a skillet and I'm going to threaten the manager with clobbering if he doesn't reconsider! Thanks for a great product.
M. Finn

On a recent trip to Europe, I was introduced to a canned tuna that was like no other I had eaten before in the United States. The taste was fresh and non-fishy and the can contained a solid piece of tuna I had to break into chunks, as opposed to tuna mush formed into the shape of a can. I knew trying to have tuna shipped to me from Europe was a financial impossibility, so when I returned to California I set out to look for tuna imports available here. On a trip to a local specialty grocer I came across Pacific Fleet tuna. My expectations were low, since the tuna was packed and distributed in the USA, but I decided to give it a try. I have been the happiest tuna consumer ever since. I will NEVER EVER go back to supermarket brands as long as Pacific Fleet tuna is available. Just like the tuna I discovered in Europe, it is fresh tasting (none of that fishy, metallic taste) and comes packed as a solid piece of tuna. In addition the cans are 7.5 oz size as opposed to the dinky 6 oz size of supermarket tunas. This tuna is wonderful for sandwiches, salads, casseroles, soups, appetizers and gifts for your fellow tuna lovers. I can't say enough about how great this tuna is and I definitely plan on spreading the word. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Leila D. Berkeley, CA "In support of a very active lifestyle, I have eaten lots of tuna over the years. But without any hesitation I can honestly say that Pacific Fleet's Albacore is the best product that I have come across. I now also have a wide variety of friends that literally crave the product and have stated that they would never eat the tuna that they historically have purchased from the local grocery store. Thanks for the outstanding quality of this product."
Byron W - Edmonds, Washington

"I saw your first-place award in the WINE SPECTATOR taste-test, and heartily agree!. One of the few "be healthy" foods that actually taste better. Send another 3 cases please, we're giving them out as gifts!"
Chuck G -Berkeley, CA

I have been interested in following an organic, nutrient dense diet for some time now. Sustainable farming methods are also high on my list of importance when selecting foods. I love fish, but had become concerned about hazardous contaminants, such as mercury, that are found in so much of the fish these days and also, about some of the deplorable fishing practices that kill so many seabirds, turtles, dolphins and other marine life. So, I stopped buying fish from my local grocery store for the most part. One thing I really missed in particular was tuna and the convenience of canned tuna.
In searching for a healthy, low mercury tuna, I found the Sheean's American Tuna Company, who offered just what I was looking for. Their eco- friendly fishing techniques, along with the specific health benefits that these smaller albacore tuna's provide are perfect. I am impressed with the young albacore's high omega-3 content and equally with it's low mercury content. WOW- I can't tell you how pleased I was to find such a healthy product! Not only does their tuna meet my desire for being a safe and nutrient dense product, but it's rich, delicate flavor really was a surprising treat!! I was totally unprepared for that bonus- very different from any canned tuna I'd ever had before. Now, many of my friends are "hooked" on this wonderful tuna, too. I have been extremely pleased with their customer service as well. I think being a small, family owned business is the key to such good customer service and my high degree of satisfaction.

Thanks to you all!
Marty M - Knoxville, Tennessee

BRAVO!!! Best tuna I have ever had. I need to get another case.
Jessica Z - San Diego, California

"Yours is by far the best canned tuna we have ever tasted! And we really love the fact that it is low in mercury and dolphin safe as these are big concerns for us. We made tuna salad with your tuna and served it to others and they always comment on how good it tastes and then we tell them all about you! We just gave a can to a friend who lives in Berkely to try and told her if she liked it we could go in on a case together."
John D and Sally D - Petaluma, California

Your tuna taste great! I can use it on sandwiches, on salads, and in pasta's. It is a wonderful product
Lynn A - Novato, California

Now that I've had Pacific Fleet Tuna, I can't imagine eating any other kind ever again. What a delightful differance!
After opening the can one finds a very solid chunk of fish so tightly packed, it must be pried out along with its flavorful juices.
The flavor is absolutely wonderful...the best I've ever tasted.
Darleen C - Sonoma, California

Wow! This is the best tuna I have ever tasted.
Lori C - Petaluma, California

A friend recently gave me several cans of your albacore tuna. Wonderful!!!. We need more."
Don T - Palo Alto, California

"Since discovering Pacific Fleet tuna a few years ago, I have been ordering it by the case. It is the only tuna my family will eat -- for its sustainable fishing methods, its quality, and its taste. I have raved to friends about Pacific Fleet tuna, and even given it as gifts."
Carol H - Oakland, California

"I have always been a lover of Tuna Fish. Through time I found myself eating less and less because I really didn't want to use so much mayonnaises, as without it the tuna was always either dry or tasteless.
Then I found Pacific Fleet Albacore. I will admit that I was somewhat skeptical when told that it was very different and I no longer had to put lots of additives in to make it taste good. So, I tried it and was so surprised.
Eating Pacific Fleet is a Tuna lover's dream. To begin with, the taste is wonderful. Either I eat it from the can or I add a little lemon juice and some spices and find that it is absolutely the best tasting tuna I've ever eaten.
Also, because of the quality of the tuna, one can can last me for several days. It is dense, but not dry. Now I eat tuna all the time, except that is when I'm out at a restaurant and can't get Pacific Fleet!"
Beth D - Napa, California

I didn't know that tuna could taste this good!
Rosalind R - Petaluma, CA

"Have a friend or relative that's a fussy food faddist? Give them a can of albacore and you will have something in common to enjoy."
John L - Seattle, WA

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