American Tuna Company

Nutrition Facts

Surface caught, hand-filleted, cooked once, nothing added.

Pacific Fleet Albacore Tuna uses troll-caught methods, a low-impact tuna fishing technique, and is dolphin safe. American Tuna Company is a family owned and operated gourmet canned tuna company.  We chose the name "American Tuna Company" because our albacore tuna are caught by American fishermen in American waters, delivered to American ports, canned in America, and intended for American consumers. Nevertheless, we do encourage all albacore lovers to purchase our products, regardless of nationality!
Mercury content in tuna has been in the news in recent years, and we mention with great pride that troll-caught albacore has far less mercury than the older, longline caught albacore used by the major canneries.  We have been testing our tuna every year and all of our tests have been well below the federal standards.