About Our Albacore

What is Troll-Caught Albacore Tuna?
Troll caught albacore tuna with essential Omega-3 Oils from American Tuna Company. We use short line fishing, catching young albacore tuna at the water’s surface. Pole caught albacore tuna is the most environmentally responsible way to obtain the freshest gourmet seafood for our customers.

Troll caught albacore tuna refers to younger, smaller 3-5 year old albacore caught on the ocean's surface by "trolling" jigs behind a slow-moving boat.  Trolling is a low-impact, environmentally responsible fishing technique.  

For biological reasons, smaller, younger troll-caught albacore have more beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids than older, larger albacore.  Omega-3s are associated with reducing the risks or effects of heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, lupus and other diseases.  Also, many people who generally do not like fish still enjoy the mild taste of troll-caught albacore.

Trolling:  some of the smaller, younger 3-5 year old albacore found near the ocean's surface are caught with short fishing lines attached to barbless hooks.  These hooks are hidden inside rubber "hoola skirts" that dance in the water and attract young albacore.  Ten to twenty of these simple jigs are towed behind a slow-moving boat - this is called trolling.  When an albacore bites a hook it is immediately removed from the water and prepared for freezing.  Troll-caught (also known as surface caught) albacore therefore refers to 3-5 year old albacore tuna that were caught by jig boats.

Deep water fishing:  because larger albacore are found in very deep waters, ordinary jigs on short lines can not reach them.  Much longer fishing lines rigged with hundreds of fishing hooks are used to reach them.  This is what is known as long-line fishing. voice that matters. A voice that cares.
  • Plentiful and delicious
  • High in Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Hand filleted
  • Cooked once in the can
  • Nothing added
  • Sustainable

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